Former St. John’s parishioner Caitlyn, husband Hector and their daughters, Tahlia and Alanah, and son, Donovan, serve among an indigenous Mayan group, the Achi people, in Central Guatemala. Their ministry focuses on facilitating missional training; building vision among youth and local churches for global ministry; addiction recovery; and bringing Bible teachings alive through local artistic forms.  Caitlyn is learning the local art of weaving and finding ways to make connections with Scriptural principles and stories through her Ethnoarts training. The Hernandez family also partner with Guatemalan interdenominational organization Operation R4:  “Operation Rescue, Restoration, Reconciliation, and Relationship.” Transforming communities spiritually, socially, and economically by the development of solid ministries and committed churches who are passionate about the mission of Christ. St. John’s regularly contributes to the needs of the Hernandez family and in summer 2022 a team from St John's visited them in San Miguel Chicaj.