William and Lara H. have 9 kids and they have served the Lord among Arabic speakers in North Africa, the Middle East, across Europe, and North America, since 1989. They are both fluent in Arabic and have many creative projects and approaches to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with some of the last reached people groups of the world. 

   When they are not overseas, they continue a very intensive itinerate ministry schedule reaching out to Arabic speakers in North America and speaking usually daily in home gatherings, youth camps, conferences, Christian colleges and seminaries, Christian schools, homeschool co-op's, small groups, churches, etc. 

     You can donate to the ministry by sending tax deductible gifts through www.hlgiving.com Checks can be made out to HLP (Healing Lamplight Pathway) & sent to PO Box 5655 Lynnwood, WA 98046.


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