Jews for Jesus is a non-profit International organization composed of Jewish Christians from very diverse backgrounds whose goal is to engage other Jewish people with the gospel, equip them to follow Yeshua (Jesus) and inspire others to do the same.  Their mission statement is “We relentlessly pursue God’s plan for the salvation of the Jewish people”. Jews For Jesus has offices around the world but their international headquarters is right here in San Francisco, California.  They reach out to Jewish people online 24/7 and in person, using many creative approaches such as art, music, Shabbat dinners and other events which create opportunities for conversations about spiritual things. They teach the Scriptures and disciple new believers one-on-one, and minister to couples in “mixed” marriages where one spouse is Jewish and the other is Gentile.  In addition to all of this, in Israel, Jews For Jesus staff also serve the poor and elderly, minister to Holocaust survivors, and have a food truck providing meals to the homeless, the addicted, and those trapped in prostitution. St. John’s supports the Jews For Jesus “scholar in residence”, Rich Robinson, who is the author of several thought-provoking books.  St. John’s members also volunteer at Jews for Jesus whenever asked.